“With your vote, I’ll return to Santa Fe with a focus on short and long term COVID-19 recovery– no one is better positioned to help our small and rural communities with needed state investments in our families, businesses, and quality of life.”

In his next term, we need John Arthur’s experience and proven leadership to help navigate tough times, and prepare us for a stronger future:

  • Continue assistance for rural and regional hospitals and clinics to restock and prepare for future challenges;
  • Invest in job training for displaced workers, and housing security measures that prevent homelessness and housing insecurity;
  • Maintain support for schools and higher education to continue progress educating the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs;
  • Support local communities with solar and water investments– creating jobs and preparing for a changing climate;
  • Celebrate the communities and culture of our region– never losing sight of the values and traditions that make this such a special part of New Mexico