“Smith’s legislation and his work with colleagues of all political stripes is the reason New Mexico has full-day kindergarten, and on his watch spending on early childhood education has increased hundreds of millions of dollars. He is simply realistic and knows it’s lawmakers’ job to leave New Mexico in a better place – economically as well as socially – than they found it.”

Albuquerque Journal, 4/3/20

Since first elected to serve our region, State Senator John Arthur Smith has become the state’s leading voice for budgets that serve the needs and priorities of our communities.

A champion for kids and quality education, Smith has led the way for:

  • All-day kindergarten for all New Mexico students and the early childhood trust fund;
  • Record investments in early learning and improved wages for educators
  • Funding improvements for K-12 education;
  • Sponsored learning center legislation that enabled rural communities to access higher education.

Committed to Jobs and a Strong Economy, Smith has:

  • Sponsored major investments in our roads and transportation infrastructure;
  • Made sure our rural communities receive a fair amount of state revenue for key infrastructure and for border health and security issues;
  • Led Budget Committee to make our tax code more fair to working people and small business.

A committed conservationist and advocate for renewable energy, Smith has:

  • Delivered solar projects for public facilities throughout the region;
  • Invested in key water retention and preservation projects, including partnerships with local conservation districts;
  • Made sure we protect and improve trails and recreation, restore natural areas and reduce the impact of stormwater runoff.